CBC INGS AMERICA Inc. is a CBC Group Company with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.  We manufacture plastic molded and metal coated automotive parts for the North American automotive industry.   

CBC INGS, with manufacturing operations in Japan, China and Thailand have been producing high quality small device housing parts such as mobile computers, digital cameras and mobile phones for the last 20 years. Our company uses unique technology called sputtering, or vacuum deposition to coat molded parts with thin-film metals for electromagnetic interference shielding.   About five years ago we expanded our customer base by supplying components to the automotive industry in Asia and will now do so in North America.

We are excited to have entered the North American market by opening our brand new facility in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  The factory houses state of the art process lines with injection molding machines, sputtering machines and robotics coating/painting machines.  We were happy to announce its completion in March, 2014.
INGS before
                                                                                 April 2013
   INGS after
                                                                               March 2014

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